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Within the last five months of 2014, Allison Toepperwein separated and divorced her husband, was forced to sell her home, and with her young daughter, move back in with her dad. Then, on December 31, 2014, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at just 37 years-old. As she put her four-year old daughter, herself and the year 2014 to bed that night, she said, “This is not how my story is going to end!” She rose with the sun, a new year and a new beginning. Four days later she began blogging and two months later began exercising as her doctor considered it part of her treatment. Toepperwein has been a regular contributor to the HuffPost and competed on American Ninja Warrior twice. Her Movement Disorder Specialist has called her a medical marvel.  Allison along with her daughter Emma are featured in APDA Look Closer Public Service Announcement. Allison is in the process of publishing a children's book she wrote and illustrated based on her cat and feeling broken. She looks at life with Parkinson's as a blessing. Thanks to her faith, her family and friends, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

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